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Sunday Night Dining in Brickell at Piola, Rosinella, The Oceanaire, and Balans

Sunday night around 8:30 p.m. Short Order was driving on South Miami Ave with a window down, banging Misfits on a hot Summer night. Our journey started at a memorial dinner for the "Cocoplum Thug," Jonathan "Shank" Daniels. Happy birthday, R.I.P. Next, the car skated up Ingraham Highway, slid through a sleepy Grove, headed up Bayshore, and caught up with a crowd on South Miami Ave.

Our northbound route got interesting around Piola (1250 S. Miami Ave.). Families and couples sidewalked, smiling teenaged girls posed for eachother's cameras, there were dog walkers, valet parkers, and an active streetside scene for outdoor diners to gawk on. We cut a left at Tobacco Road, headed back South, and illegal parked our way up the street quicksnapping shots, and asking permission for tableside closeups.

Here's a couple more pics of active Sunday dining Sunday night in Brickell. 

Piola (1250 S. Miami Ave) offered live music, outdoor dining.

Rosinella (1040 S. Miami Ave.) had all their sidewalk seating occupied, and a steady stream of passersby keeping it lively.

The Oceanaire Seafood Room (900 S. Miami Ave.) had a fully packed outdoor seating area. This table of 4, the lady didn't care to appear on camera, all had lobster on their plates.

Across the street at Balans Restaurant Lounge (901 S. Miami Ave) there was more live music and a lazy, relaxed atmosphere. Balan's, a UK company is currently constructing a new location at 67th and Biscayne.

Log on to to see what's going on in that neck of the woods, but keep in mind, the "Mary Brickell Village" is an outdoor shopping, dining entertainment center, but it doesn't encompass the whole Brickell neighborhood and all of its eateries.

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Jacob Katel
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