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Star Gazing at Peoples Bar-B-Que in Overtown

Miami doesn't have nearly the number of soul food restaurants as let's say the A-T-L or N'awlins. But what the 3-0-5 lacks in quantity, the Peoples Bar-B-Que in Overtown makes up for with celebrity clout. The roster of repeat celebrity diners who gorge on fried chicken, candied yams, collard greens and, of course, barbecue is replete with stars like rapper Trick Daddy, former UM and NFL greats Edgerrin James, Clinton Portis, Primetime Deion Sanders, and a heaping serving of current and former Miami Heat players (what'd you expect, the arena is a chicken wings throw away from the restaurant).

Dwyane Wade is such a fan of joint that he's had it cater his magazine photo shoots. "Alonzo Mourning used to love our fried chicken before he had his kidney replaced," says George Lewis, whose family has owned the place since it opened in 1962. Current NBA champ with the Lakers and former Heater Lamar Odom still frequents People's when he's in town.

But one name stands above all on the list of celebs that frequent the eatery. Wang Zhizhi. That's right, the erstwhile Heat center from China. Wang probably had more minutes in the Peoples Bar-B-Que than he had court time in the two years with his former team. "He would order the oxtail and a whole fried chicken," says Lewis. "And when he brought his family over from China, he brought them all here." Now that's how you represent.

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