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Sho Room Karaoke and Sushi Opens in SoFi

You can't tell at first glance, but if you're a local to South Pointe, then you might have noticed that Sho Room has been open for the last three weeks.

This little bordello-style joint with black onyx bars and red hue coloring was formerly known as Cozy Piano Bar--with the same owners. The place closed down to get a face lift that took about three weeks to complete.

Aside from the most obvious physical changes, Sho Room now has a full sushi menu by executive chef Steven Borela.

Maybe you'll want a cocktail too? A signature cocktail selection with all of your favorite liquors--rum, cognac, vodka, gin--accompanies their sushi menu.

After the kitchen closes at 1 a.m., the place turns into a club with an in-house DJ. They have live music on the weekends running from Thursday to Sunday, and Coco Bordelo karaoke on Sundays. C'mon, what's sushi and cocktails without a little karaoke?

After three weeks in operation, there still isn't any exterior sign to distinguish the place; that's because Miami Beach hasn't approved a sign, says Alban Soetenmon, who is working on behalf of the owners. "It's Art Deco, you know how it is, man," says Soetenmon. "Everything's got to be within the realm of Art Deco."

Just to help you out a little: Sho Room is located right across the street from Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant.

WIth the flare of a speakeasy, this place is pretty low-key. This place definitely has the locals touch. "We haven't had a grand opening yet, we're just open to let the neighborhood know that we're here," says Soetenmon.

An opening is tentatively planned in the next three weeks, and space is limited, so you might want to get a space reserved. The menu is still being developed, so help them smooth out the kinks. There is a tropical tuna tartare roll and cucumber mojito with your name on it, so get down here and eat some raw fish, and sing a tune.

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