Salmonella Solution: Eat Fresh, Organic Eggs

So now it's our eggs. It should be obvious to most people that the massive agri-businesses supplying us with much of our food supply needs oversight -- real oversight, not the corrupted mimicry of such currently performed by the FDA. But with our presently dysfunctional government, chances of the gruel chain getting cleaned up are not good. That may sound pessimistic, but in fact the solution to this latest salmonella mess is really simple: Purchase your eggs locally if possible, like at farmers markets or through a CSA. If that isn't feasible, purchase only those egg cartons with organic certification. There is no guarantee that salmonella won't occur at organic farms, but precedent suggests that your chances are much, much better of getting healthy eggs at such places. Plus, the birds themselves are horribly abused at chicken factories such as Hillandale Farms that are owned by bad eggs like Jack DeCoster. Buying eggs hatched by chickens living in such torture chambers can make you feel bad about yourself even if you're not feeling sick.

A website called Lionsgrip lists farms nationwide that sell fresh eggs. The only place listed in South Florida is one of our favorites, Bee Heaven Farm; according to the website, their Community Supported Agriculture program includes eggs. Also: "Anyone wishing to buy eggs (at the farm) will be accomodated." Just make sure to contact Margie and the gang via email before showing up -- it's a farm, not a grocery store.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.