Rush Limbaugh Diet New Pictures!

The Rush Limbaugh Diet is sweeping America by storm, and we have the pictures to show how and why it might work. See, Rush would have you believe it's all about following a strict eating regimen, but the following pictures show that diet is nothing without exercise. Watch Rush Limbaugh eat and run his way into skinny jeans. Rush Limbaugh is a Palm Beach County representer, don't let the liberal media conspiracy fool you into thinking this is not news.

Maybe one day Rush Limbaugh was on a boat with George HW Bush. Maybe the shirtless old Bush made Rush realize that he had to lose weight.

Rush is a smart dude. He knows that by not drinking, smoking, popping downer pills like a hippy raver, consuming excess fat, eating strictly portioned servings of healthfully cooked proteins, and hiring an expert to design and cook up menus for him "like a jigsaw puzzle," that he'll be able to lose weight. Whether he's doing all that and exercising or just eating speed now instead of oxys is really anybodys guess. We're glad that the diet is working out for ol Rush. There sure is a lot to

complain about in the world today, and we think his looking in the mirror is as good a

place to start as any. Here's what Rush Limbaugh may look like now thanks to his Rush Limbaugh Diet.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.