Rick Ross on Prime One Twelve and Tilapia: The Bon Appetit Interview

No, you don't need new glasses, and you're not coming down from a particularly weird foie-gras-induced high. Bon Appétit magazine has published an interview with rapper Rick Ross.

In it, our fellow Miamian shares his thoughts on restaurants, dining in transit, and what's in his fridge (rosé wine and everything else that can fit).

Better yet, he shares his favorite recipe for tilapia and cheese on the

grill. According to the rap star and King of Diamonds aficionado, "take

the aluminum foil and put a nice piece of tilapia on it,

season it good, then put a bundle of broccoli and two or three slices

of cheese over it. Fold it up and sit it on the grill. Voilà!"

In the interview Ross, starts out as the typical playah

-- talking about how he orders three entrées at Prime One Twelve, saving the

lobster bisque for breakfast leftovers. But he quickly comes down to his earthly Mississippi and Carol City roots by showing his love for ramen

noodles, Rice-a-Roni, and chicken from Wingstop (Ross owns one in


In the end, the man named MTV's "Hottest MC in the Game"

gives us words to live by. Asked about what to eat on a plane,

Ross replies, "You keep it light. You don't want to use those little

bathrooms." Hmm, maybe those snakes on a plane are the plumbing type.

Here's a Rick Ross food-related parody (language warning if you're at work):

[Bon Appetit: The Key to Miami Rapper Rick Ross's Heart Is Cheese]

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