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Recycled Shots: Go Green by Drinking Bartender Backwash

Ever feel like getting a little dirty? Nasty even? Multiply that feeling by 100 and you'll be ready for Recycled Shots at the Burger & Beer Joint on Miami Beach.

The rapidly growing eatery -- home to the most tatted among us -- has developed something of a cult following with a late night specialty. It's meant for those who aren't afraid to suck down spit in public. For the uninitiated--and that probably means all the non-masochistic fetishists among us--Recycled Shots involve ordering up your favorite shot, having one of the bodacious bartenders shoot it into his or her mouth, swirl it about (imagine an amateur wine aficionado, but prettier), and then spit it back in the glass.

At this point, the patron gulps down the backwash-laced shot with a smile on his face. For his troubles (and this is the best part) he immediately gets a cool slap in the face from that same bartender, even as the saliva is still easing its way down the throat. "It started as a result of good customer relations our staff has with the regulars," says Manager Ben Koufopoulos. (If that's good, not sure we want to see bad!)

The cost of the public humiliation: $20. "Okay. It's a $20 shot. But after you're done, you feel good about it," explains Koufopoulos. Sounds reasonable enough. Though this blogger volunteers to spit in anybody's face for half the price.

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