OMG! Obama Stops For a Cheeseburger In South Miami

When OMG! Burgers in South Miami got a call yesterday afternoon, employees thought it was a random late afternoon order.

Instead, it turned out to be the U.S. Secret Service with notification that the President would be arriving in 15 minutes for lunch.

President Barack Obama, on his way back to the airport from a Univision broadcast, was hungry, and what better way to sate a craving than with a burger at OMG! Burgers in South Miami?

OMG! Burgers' owner Abiel Ballesteros, said that his team was surprised by the call. So much so, that Ballesteros wasn't even there to greet the President. He had a more pressing date -- to pick up his son at school.

According to Ballesteros, the Secret Service ordered and paid for the President's meal, which consisted of an American Classic cheeseburger, fries, and a drink.

Even though the President's visit was a surprise, Ballesteros told Short Order he noticed a group of gentlemen that looked like Secret Service dining at his establishment earlier in the week, possibly scoping out the restaurant for a potential POTUS visit.

How does Ballesteros feel about having the President at his restaurant? "It was an honor to have him at our restaurant. He was very friendly and very nice."

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