New Allen Brothers Catalogue Is Out

The fall 2009 Allen Brothers catalogue has just been released. For those not familiar with the mail-order meat company, Allen Brothers has been America's leading source of USDA Prime beef since 1893. The company has also been one of the main sponsors of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival and has provided most of the meat for the festivities, including the very meaty Burger Bash and BubbleQ events.

The big news coming out of this edition is the introduction of a "baseball cut strip steak" -- and no, they don't mean a hot dog. This increasingly popular, extra-thick strip promises the "robust flavor and juiciness unique to a strip steak" with the plushness of a fillet. We tried this cut (though not from Allen Brothers) at  Miami's Chophouse downtown (formerly Manny's Steaks), and described it thusly: Cut fillet-style from the top sirloin, it is actually closer to softball-size, boasts a strong meat taste, and is overall less like a steak than your own personal roast beef.

Short Order predicts the baseball steak will be a big hit, will score with the fans, will knock it out of the park (stop us when you've had enough). But we wonder why it wasn't premiered in Allen Brothers' spring catalogue so it could be enjoyed around the country during the summer -- you know, the season for baseball, barbecues, outdoor grilling, etc. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.