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Miamians Share Their Soda Pairings: Jupiña With Fritas, Materva and Cubanos

Red with beef, white with chicken, root beer with bacon cheeseburgers ... wait, what?

You're familiar with wine pairings, and you may even be familiar with beer pairings, but we're willing to bet that soda pairings is a foreign concept.

Burger King introduced soda pairings as a concept a while back, but it is now apparently becoming a "thing." We were at a BK recently and witnessed a group fawning over the soda fountain. We overheard a debate as to what soda went with chicken fries and twenty seconds later, one member of the group triumphantly waved her smartphone in the air. "See? I told you!" she said elatedly. "Sprite goes with chicken fries!"

Do Miamians really take soda this seriously? We decided to find out with a quick survey on the street.

Our curiosity was ignited and we performed a quick Google search. Lo and behold, there was an actual chart delineating what sodas best went with what. We became even more curious and started asking Burger King customers at random, "Do you choose your soda based on the food you're eating?"

We were somewhat surprised to hear that out of the ten people we asked, eight said that they do actually pair sodas with food. Most agreed that Coke went best with burgers and Sprite went best with chicken-based items such as sandwiches, tenders, or fingers.

We also received some interesting, Miami-centric responses.

"Nothing like a Cuban sandwich and a cold Materva," says Country Walk resident Elenca Franco-Capote.

"I order a Manzana Postobón with my super dog at Los Perros," Jacqueline Ochoa says. "And I'm not even Colombian."

Roberto Cisneros looked at us like we were crazy when we asked him about soda pairings. "Bro, of course. You can't have a frita with anything other than a Jupiña. Are you seriously asking this question? Chinese food goes with Coke, and only Coke - not even Pepsi. Cheese pizza -- Sprite. Pizza with toppings -- Coke. Get outta here, bro."

A pair of siblings in their early twenties overheard Cisneros impassioned response and chimed in, but asked that their names be withheld. "Nothing goes better with pizza than chocolate milk," said one sibling, while her brother nodded sagely. "Soda isn't good with pizza."

Cisneros took one look at them, shook his head and walked out and into the parking lot.

Who knew that Miami residents were so serious about soda?

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