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Menu, Chef Changes at The Royal at The Raleigh

When John DeLucie opened The Royal at The Raleigh Hotel in December 2010, he brought his New York style to this SoBe hotel's dining room. DeLucie's mission? No mangos, no Floribbean cuisine -- just the kind of food that brings New York celebs and power brokers like Anna Wintour and Madonna to their knees in his Manhattan eateries.

Half a year later, DeLucie has left The Royal in order to devote his time to the opening of his new Upper East Side restaurant and celebrity-magnet Crown. The Royal's chef, Jimmy Corona has been named executive chef and Oscan Rubin is  executive sous chef.

The menu has seen quite a few changes, as well. When DeLucie left, he took his famous dishes with him including his chicken under a brick, lamb porterhouse, macaroni and cheese with truffles, and chopped salad. (Couldn't you at least leave the salad, John?)

Replacing DeLucie's offerings are a pan-seared organic chicken ($26), squid ink fettuccine ($26), whole snapper a la lancha ($32), and a small side of mac 'n' cheese (sans truffles $8).

DeLucie has made it known he still loves Miami and though he's gone for now, there's a distinct chance he'll be back to scout out a new location in the fall. (We're betting he'll be back as soon as the first snow hits the ground in the Big Apple.)

In case you're planning a trip to New York and miss DeLucie's famous lamb porterhouse, The Lion might not be as difficult to get into as the celebrities would have you think. A call to the restaurant allowed us to make reservations for four this Saturday at a respectable 7:45 p.m.

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