Luna Star Cafe is a Good Beer and Live Music Mecca

Luna Star Cafe's menu opens with "We do not sell Budweiser, Coors, Heineken or Amstel Light. Instead, allow us to guide you through the intriguing world of beer as we know it." But where other places with massive beer selections lay out a tiny-print list with price and country of origin, Luna Star Cafe takes care to provide keen descriptions and definitions of their lambic, trappist, mead, wine, doppel bock, and everything else selections in a 50 page opus of a menu. History, tasting notes, noses, and finishes are provided by the Luna's proprietor, Alexis, a tough broad with an easy smile.

Last night, the Miami Herald's Miami based free-lance photojournalist and film location scout/manager Al Crespo was in to check out the art.

He said, "Ain't many places like this in Miami is it?" He's been going

to the Luna Star Cafe for "about 10 years."

As for food, they've got that too, from thyropita, to hummus, to crab

cakes, to cheese plates, to meatballs, to salads, to pizza, and more.

Prices hover around $10 for most items.

They also have a fine selection of hot beverages, like The Racehorse, five shots of espresso and a splash of milk; or The Mud Pot, a double shot and hot chocolate.

They also have live music. Folk and open mic type stuff you won't hear many else places. So if you like beer, food, art, and music, go to Luna Star Cafe, across the street from pool-dive Billy's Pub Too and the Museum of Contemporary Art on 125th street in North Miami.

Just remember, Cash only. No credit, no debit, no checks or money orders. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Luna Star Cafe
775 Northeast 125th Street, North Miami

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.