Grovetoberfest 2013 Fashion: Lederhosen, Vikings, Sgt. Pepper (Photos)

Grovetoberfest is a party, no doubt. With more than 200 beers, music, and a day with friends in Coconut Grove's Peacock Park, the day always turns out to be one of the most festive, with people dressing in beer hats, dirndls, and superhero costumes.

This year, event director Tony Albelo gave people an extra incentive to dress up for the event -- half-price admission and a special entrance to anyone in costume. The result: an early beer-themed Halloween party. Some people even brought snacks -- worn as jewelry. Take a look at the best costumes we encountered.

Is this a salute to The Walking Dead? We're not sure if these girls are trying to snag a pretzel or this guy's jugular!

Grovetoberfest gave out cups -- tiny cups. But this guy got creative and brought his own boot.

What's better than a boot? A horn!

The pretzel necklace never goes out of style.

Just a couple of Vikings out to plunder a few brewskis.

Alice in Wonderland and Sgt. Pepper meet a normal person.

This couple make lederhosen and a dirndl look good. Not easy.

Homebrew tats!

What do a cowboy, a sexy schoolgirl, a Scotsman, an Indian princess, and a German dude have in common? Beer!

Blow into this BAC meter at your own risk!

Best costume goes to the two men dressed as Michael Pirolo and Giorgio Rapicavoli. Oh, wait, it is Michael Pirolo and Giorgio Rapicavoli!

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