Five Vintage Snickers Commercials That'll Make You Snicker

Snickers has had some nutty commercials in recent months. There was the Betty White/Abe Vigoda football spot, then the Aretha Franklin road trip bit, and now the creepy Halloween campaign:

These days, advertisers compete for numerous industry awards that recognize outstanding creativity and brilliant directing. But we miss the old days when Snickers commercials were made up of bad acting and double entendres. Short Order compiled a list of old school Snickers ads from the ancient days of analog television that made us laugh.

1. Stoner-friendly middle manager says, "I've really got the hungries."

2. We wonder why Snickers didn't use American Gladiators for this ad.

3. Snickers, the chocolatey alternative to Cocaine.

4. Wait, nuts? Like man nuts or peanuts? Damn you double entendre.

5. Australian Snickers, they'll make you fart (listen closely at nine-second mark).

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