Dylan's Candy Bar: Ten Reasons Grownups Will Love It (Photos)

Dylan's Candy Bar opened about a week ago, and already it's giving the Apple Store down the street some stiff competition as the most popular (and populated) place on Lincoln Road.

We've been there twice, and both times the two-story shop, founded by Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan, has been filled with people browsing, shopping, and eating. And by people, we mean grownups.

Sure, there are some kids in the store. But the majority of patrons are adults -- with no child in sight. Does that surprise you? It shouldn't, because Dylan's is a nirvana for adults. It's a fantasy land filled with sweet memories, fun trinkets, and some very grown-up treats and drinks perfect for a get-together with friends or a casual date night.

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10. Boozie Bears Throw away that ugly metal flask you got for being best man at your brother's wedding and store your hidden booze in something way cuter and more colorful. These little gummy flasks are so innocent-looking that your boss will never suspect it was you who spiked the punch at the holiday office party ($15). 9. Spiked Milkshakes Kids like ice-cream cones, but we adults like our ice cream with a little kick -- like Dylan's spiked milkshakes. Pick a flavor and a favorite spirit and turn them into a cold, creamy, and boozy beverage. Child at heart? Choose the blue mint chip ice cream with vodka, slurp it down, and show your date your blue tongue ($12). 8. Retro Candy Remember candy cigarettes and cigars? How about Sen Sen (the powdered mint in a packet), Necco wafers, and Astro Pops? If you missed the candy of your childhood, it's all good, because they're here. Best of all, you can enjoy all the sugary goodness without your mom screaming at you to save it for after dinner ($1 and up). 7. Political Statements Were Never So Yummy Got a relative or co-worker who tells you that global warming is horse pucky even though it's 90 degrees out in February? Don't fight them; give them a gift of these candies with names like Toxic Waste and Smog Balls. Bonus: They're super-sour, so you'll probably get about 30 seconds of blessed silence from them as their lips pucker to the extreme. 6. Chocolate Fountain Remember the chocolate fountain your rich friend had at her bat mitzvah and again at her wedding? You no longer have to spend $100,000 on a catered affair to have a fountain of chocolatey goodness at your disposal. Choose from marshmallows, strawberries, pineapple, s'mores, pretzels, or graham crackers and dip them in the rich, molten Belgian chocolate ($1 to $2 apiece). 5. Custom-Colored M&M's Did you spend hours sorting the red M&M's from the rest of the colors? You no longer have to bother, because now you can buy only the colors you actually like. How about matching your candy to your outfit or sofa? Done. Because that random-color stuff is, like, so totally junior high school.
4. Giant Candy You can't tell us that you're 6'4" and you're going to eat that little-bitty candy bar, are you? Heck no! You want five-pound bars of chocolate, sunflower-size lollipops, and candy buttons that would fit on the Green Giant's coat! If manly sized candy for real men -- and women -- is what you seek, you'll find it here. 3. Dessert Pizza What's better than pizza? Pizza topped with marshmallows and bananas. Dylan's outdoor café is now open, serving dessert pizzas, ice-cream treats, s'mores, and "fun-due" (complete with gummy worms for dipping) -- all at the most prime people-watching spot in Miami-Dade. 2. Doggie Treats How could you ever go home after indulging in treats without getting something for Rover? Dylan's has an entire pooch section, stocked with treats, cookies, and even T-shirts ($6 to $16). 1. Candy Cocktails What happens when you pour a cocktail into a glass full of Pop Rocks? You get a drink that's fizzier than champagne that talks back to you! The Pop Rock Explosion ($8) is one of the candy cocktails available for table service only. Others include a Lemon Head gin gimlet, a Jolly Rancher cosmo, a cotton candy martini, and a strawberry Nerds mojito ($8 to $12). Try them during Dylan's daily happy hour from 4 to 7 p.m., when select specialty cocktails are only $6. Snap, crackle, and pop has just gotten a lot more fun!


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