Charlotte Bistro Closes (Again), but Another Comeback Looms

Charlotte Bistro has been a favorite of ours since chef-owner Elida Villarroel first brought her talents to Miracle Mile in 2009. The French bistro fare was always elegant and sublime, the signature chocolate soup was fab, and the eclectic décor was charming and cool (Best Restaurant for Intimate Conversation, 2010). Villarroel is a graduate of the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France.

When Charlotte closed last year, we were saddened; when it re-opened, we were cheered; now that it has closed again, we are saddened again. But when Villarroel tells us she's plans to open back up, "hopefully by April 1," our hearts and palates soar once more.

The reason for Charlotte's closing, Villarroel says, is things got "very bad with my other partners." The next project, in the same space, will be called Mesa, she says, "Because I'm putting a little bit of my Spanish heritage into it -- as well as of course my French thing. That's forever."

Never mind forever -- we're looking forward to April, when one of Miami's underrated chefs gets to fly once more, this time without others weighing her down.

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