Burger King's Subservient Chicken Is Back, and He's Crying Fowl

Ten years ago, Burger King introduced the Subservient Chicken, a strange character that was supposed to do anything you told it to do via the internet. Created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky for the Miami-based fast-food chain's TenderCrisp chicken sandwich, the campaign featured a man in a chicken suit doing anything people told it to (much like internet porn sites), with the tag line "Chicken the way you like it."

The chicken was featured on several other Burger King commercials; then -- much like CP+B's creepy, giant-headed King -- it disappeared.

Now, Subservient Chicken is back. Only this time, he's angry as hell. Apparently, after Burger King gave him the boot, the only work he could get was entertaining children at parties, entering cock-fighting contests, and buying beer for teenagers. Then, à la Rocky, the chicken turned himself around by eating right and working out. His signature move? The "double pecker."

Renaming himself Chicken Big King, he's ready to be the spokeschicken for the restaurant's new Chicken Big King sandwich. He even has his own website: subservientchicken.com.

We cry "fowl" at the fact that the giant cock is representing a sandwich made from his fallen brethren, but the video is pretty darn amazing. And who knows?

Maybe this former Subservient Chicken has something more sinister up his wing. In any event, it looks like he's saying a big "cluck you" to people who try to boss him around. #ChickenRedemption indeed.

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