Burger King's Non-Alcoholic "Mimosa" Promotes Underage Drinking, Lunatic Mothers Say

Sometimes mediocre restaurants want to seem fancy. Maybe they add mood lighting or start selling trendy dishes like, say, anything that involves an acai berry.

If you're Burger King executives, you just add brunch to the menu. Then you mix sprite with orange juice and call it "a BK Mimosa."

And then you have to dodge phone calls from batshit insane conservatives who are bored in their tiny towns, and who think you are trying to send their kids subliminal messages.

That's what happened a couple days ago after the behemoth Miami-based corporation announced the new beverage.

Academics also didn't like it. "It's inappropriate for a family restaurant to be serving drinks that mimic the act of consuming alcoholic beverages," Susan Linn, director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, told BrandWeek.com. "It serves as a message to kids that if you want to feel grown up, you should drink alcohol."

To which Burger King responded: "The idea of mimosas and brunch often go hand-in-hand and this non-alcoholic beverage is a unique way to enhance our morning beverage offerings." They used it as an opportunity to plug an new breakfast sandwich that includes "smoky tomato" sauce.

To which Short Order responded: Baaaaaarf.

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