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Bousa Brewing Company Coming to Miami's Little River District, Seeks Head Brewer

Miami is getting a new brewery. According to state and federal records, Bousa Brewing Company will be located in the city's Little River district. 

It's the latest brewery to come to Miami and an example of brewing companies setting up shop in other parts of the city besides Wynwood, which has three breweries on NW 24th Street. 

Other parts of the county, such as in Doral and near the airport, are proving to be fertile grounds for breweries. At least two are planned for Kendall. 

Bousa Brewing's Enrique Jose Garcia declined to give many details, only confirming to New Times that the brewery is in the "permitting stages" and a location has been selected.

However, some information is available publicly. Records indicate Bousa Brewing will be located at 7235 NE Fourth Ave. There might also be a taproom. 

State and federal records indicate the owner is Panagra Brewing Company LLC, with Panagra listed as the name of the applicant on federal trademark filings. According to the filings, the word "bousa" is an ancient Middle Eastern term related to convivial beverages.

From the U.S. Patent and Trademark application:

"Boza" or "bosa" is popular fermented beverage in Kazakhstan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, parts of Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine. "Bouza" is a Tunisian non-fermented, sweet drink made of hazelnuts, sugar, and milk that is typically consumed during Ramadan. "Bouza" is also an ancient Egyptian beverage made from fermented wheat. Applicant is also aware that the word "bousa" is also a common spelling for the Arabic word for "kiss." "Bousa" is the name of a town in Cameroon.

The brewery already has a 20-barrel brewing system and a canning line, according to a listing. It also appears Bousa is seeking a head brewer.

It's not clear when Bousa Brewing will open, though Garcia said he'd be able to reveal more about the brewery in the coming months. The listing shows Bousa beginning operations in third-quarter 2016. 
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