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Bon Appetit Walk-A-Way Café, A Coffee and Lunch Window in Wynwood

If your morning commute involves driving along North Miami Avenue and 26th Street, there's a window you can stop by for breakfast and a cafecito.

Bon Appetit Walk-A-Way Café opened last week offering pastries, pastelitos and organic egg omelets for breakfast, and organic mixed green salads, a soup of the day and owner David Trafton's pizza for lunch.

A special of cheese pizza, mixed organic greens salad and a drink costs $6.99 and there's a daily lunch special to choose from as well. Homemade desserts, including Fireman Derek's Pies, are also on the menu.

The window operates out of a commercial kitchen that houses Bon Appetit Kids, a kids meal delivery service. Trafton and his wife started the business three years ago when they had their first child. While their initial idea was to have a healthy, nutritious meal home delivery service, private schools started asking if they could deliver lunches to them. They now deliver 400 warm meals prepared daily to 26 local schools.

The idea for the window came from parents asking if they could pick up meals directly from them, but Trafton also wanted a place where people could pick up coffee or a slice of pizza.

His space has also served as an incubator of sorts for food entrepreneurs. Trafton said he often gets calls from people who want to start a food business and want to rent space from him. Six or seven businesses have gone through the kitchen. One, BB Goodbeans, a company that produces soybean spreads now sold at Gardners Market, Milam's and Fresh Market, has its own corner in the space. Derek Kaplan of Fireman Derek's Pies is the most recent tenant.

Bon Appetit Walk-A-Way Café is located at 2600 N. Miami Avenue. It is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. 786-953-6921.

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