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Attorney for Woman Caught in Versailles Sex Scandal: "These Things Have Profound Consequences"

More infomation is coming out about the recent lawsuit filed on behalf of Ayler Ayala, a former cashier at Miami International Airport.

The complaint, filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, claims she experienced discrimination and harassment by her former employers, Global Concessions Inc., Gateway Airport Concessions Inc., and Airport Concessions Group Inc., all d/b/a Global Miami Joint Venture, that ultimately led to her resigning from her position after suffering an "emotional breakdown" at her workplace in February 2013.

Although the 10-page document also identifies Felipe Valls Sr. in a sex scandal, the Versailles Restaurant patriarch is not listed as a defendant. According to Pelayo M. Duran, an attorney for the plaintiff, Valls was not listed because Ayala didn't come forward soon enough. He did however say information concerning Valls was included because "it's not like we're talking about something that's not relevant."

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Duran addressed the fact that Ayala had previously posted provocative photos of herself on Facebook wearing what seems to be only a green bra, saying, "It is what it is. It's indicative of a person who would end up in a situation like this. We think that all that is relevant in this case in regards to her sexuality and mental state. These things have profound consequences."

The pictures, which appear to be selfies, have since been taken down and replaced by a photo of a lotus flower, along with a message, "Si tienes decisiones importantes que tomar. Toma la que te haga feliz y no la que te haga estar comodo", which roughly translates into, "iI you have important decisions to make, choose the one that makes you happy and not the one that makes you comfortable."

Duran also said that for Ayala, this complaint is the start of closing the door on that part of her life. "It's a very lonely world for her out there today, but we are comfortable and confident that other people will be joining her in solidarity."

Vall's side denies the claims, with attorneys Victor Diaz and Rey Velazquez of Global Miami JV issuing a statement that says, "Not only is this lawsuit baseless and devoid of any merit, it is a blatant attempt by a former disgruntled employee to use the court system to improperly extract money from an employer through salacious, ludicrous and irrelevant allegations."

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