American Airlines Arena Serving Gaga-Themed Food, Drink at Tonight's Concert

Hungry little monsters heading to the

American Airlines Arena

tonight for the Lady Gaga concert will be in fast-food heaven.

In a fit of marketing brilliance, the arena is "Gaga-izing" standard concession fare to make it more palatable to the throngs of fans desperate to shell out good money for anything even remotely related to the dance diva.

An email sent to ticketholders lists various standard and not-so-standard rules for concert-goers (no guns, no spikes, no masks, soda can hair rollers and disco sticks allowed). Along with the rules, the venue asks fans to "Check out what's cooking in the House of Gaga" with menu items like:

  • Poker Face Pizza
  • Born This Way Veggie Burger
  • Right Track Empanada
  • Alejandro Burrito
  • Little Monster French Fries
  • Telephone Tenders
  • Fame Burgers
  • Just Dance Hot Dogs
  • Starstruck Nachos
  • Paparazzi Popcorn

If you're shocked and saddened that no meat dresses appear on the menu, you can drown your sorrows in the special Lady Gaga Disco Stick Cocktail created for tonight's show. The drink, consisting of Bacardi Dragon Berry, Bacardi Limon, simple syrup, Sierra Mist, and garnished with a multi-colored candy stick, will be served at the Grey Goose and Bacardi Bars on Level 100.

We can't wait to see the menu for the upcoming WWE Monday Night Raw!

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