42BELOW Vodka Hosts the Wynwood Art Lounge for Saturday's Gallery Walk

If you have been keeping up with our

Cultist blog

(and if

you haven't, shame on you!) you would know two things: 1. The Wynwood Gallery Walk

is this Saturday and 2. It's getting ever more popular for offering drinks to


If a free drink (or two) sounds appealing, then head to the

pop-up Wynwood Art Lounge hosted by 42BELOW Vodka. It'll be nestled behind the David

Castillo Gallery from 7 - 10 p.m. They will be serving a number of their

signature cocktails featuring Manuka Honey, Passion, and Kiwi-infused vodkas. Poplife's DJ Mike Deuce will also play musical

composer for the night.

If you can't make the evening's festivities, don't

fret. 42BELOW has an online cocktail menu complete with recipes for unique,

Miami-style drinks like the Cucumber Collins and the Paradise Oh.

Follow the jump for 42BELOW's Kiwi Libre recipe, an easy-to-make twist on the Cuba Libre.

The Kiwi Libre

1 oz 42BELOW Kiwi

3 wedges of lime

Dash of bitters


In a Highball glass, squeeze in 3 juicy wedges of lime, and

muddle the limes quickly. Fill with ice, and add vodka with a good dash of

bitters. Top with cola and stir.

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