World's Saddest "Grow House" Busted in Miami Springs By Unchill Tipster

The snitch knew many things about Luis Silva. He or she knew knew his name, date of birth and address. He or she could describe the 41-year-old father's grey Dodge Charger with a paper tag and knew that Silva wasn't supposed to be driving it, because his license had been suspended 10 times. But one thing the tipster didn't know was how many marijuana plants Silva was harvesting inside his home.

The first clue should have come from Silva's housing situation: He lived in a 300-square-foot Miami Springs efficiency with two kids and a dog. The operation couldn't have been much bigger than a dorm-room set-up, by necessity.

But what officers found was worse than a college freshman's get-rich-quick scheme. It was actually kind of sad. Cops found nothing more than some frail-looking plants hanging from wire hangers in a closet. In all, they seized 515 grams worth of weed, as well as an instructional manual on how to grow it.

Miami Springs is not exactly known for its drug-related crime. Officer Jorge Capote of the MSPD says drug busts are few and far between in the quiet town, and they probably seize marijuana plants from residents less than once a year.

Of course their big drug bust would amount to some schwag drooped over wire hangers with leaves the same color as Joan Crawford's eyebrows in Mommy Dearest.

Silva has a lengthy rap sheet in Miami-Dade and has been charged with a litany of petty crimes. He is a felon -- for making false insurance claims that amounted to more than $10k -- although he's never been convicted of anything violent. He doesn't have an active driver's license. To be honest, tipster, it seems like Silva growing this pot might have been the most productive thing he could do to support his family. You kind of acted like a dick in this one, anon. Please try to be more chill in the future.

The big lesson to anyone who's ever made a half-baked attempt at growing weed inside a closet: That's a felony right there, no matter how goofy your rig. Silva was booked for possession of cannabis with intent to sell, manufacture or distribute.

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