Woman Sues Miami Beach PD For Arresting Her Naked

What started as an argument over a taxi cab refusing to take a credit card allegedly ended up with a woman being arrested in the nude.

Now that woman, Candice Padavick, is suing the Miami Beach Police Department.

Last year, Padavick took a cab back to her Miami Beach apartment with a friend when she says that the driver refused to take a credit card for her $16.90 cab fare. According to NBC Miami, Padavick said she'd go up to her apartment to get cash while the driver waited in the lobby, but the driver decided to call police when it seemed no one was coming down. A security guard at Padavick's front desk offered to pay the driver $20 for the cab ride. However, police were never notified and went up to Padavick's apartment.

When police knocked, she answered the door wearing just a robe and a towel on her head. Officers said that she seemed intoxicated and pushed one of the officers. That's when police entered the apartment and put her and two friends under arrest.

Padavick claims that her robe kept coming off and that she wasn't able to put it back on, and so she sat for 30 minutes in the nude in front of multiple officers.

Padavick and her friends Michael Bishop and Marcelo Debiasi were arrested. She faced charges of resisting arrest, battery on a law enforcement officer, and petit theft for no payment of the taxi ride, but all charges were eventually dropped.

Now she's suing the department, claiming that the incident should have never happened because the driver was paid by a security officer before police showed up. She also claims officers pushed her around and left marks on her body with their rough handling.

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Kyle Munzenrieder