Woman Made Bomb Threat at MIA to Get Her Baggage Back

Oksana Gerzon was running late and missed her flight at Miami International Airport last Thursday. Instead of accepting she'd be booked on a later flight, she decided she needed her already checked baggage right then and there. So she did the sensible thing, obviously. She made a bomb threat.

Gerzon, a 41-year-old resident of Fairlawn, New Jersey, was told at the gate that she'd be booked on a later flight, but told that her luggage would be traveling ahead of her.

According to NBC Miami, Gerzon didn't like that idea for some reason so she told staff that there was a bomb in her luggage. Gerzon was even given the chance to recant her statement, but determined to get her luggage back, she refused to.

It seems from the questions she asked she might have thought that the bomb scare would delay the flight, and she could still board. Or at the very least get the bag back.

"Gerzon continued and asked if they would allow the plane to take off without knowing if she had a bomb in her bag," reads the arrest affidavit.

Of course, the flight was delayed for 27 minutes while they checked her luggage. There was no bomb.

Gerzon however wasn't allowed to board. Instead she booked a ticket to jail on charges of reporting a false bomb threat and criminal mischief. Delta, the airline in question, was charged $2,862 for the flight delay.

We're pretty sure these are the first two rules of making sure you have a pleasant airport experience, and Gerzon broke both of them.

1. Arrive at least an hour early.

2. Never say the word "bomb."

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Kyle Munzenrieder