Who's Ready for the Return of the Sex Offender Camp?

In today's roundup of the sins of South Florida: When rent money runs out for sex offenders, where will they all go? Another sex offender camp? A yacht sinks off Haulover Beach, a toddler goes for a tumble and ends up in the hospital, and a medical building is evacuated because of a strange smell.

When Miami-Dade County cleared out the infamous sex offender camp under the Julia Tuttle Causeway, each resident was given help to pay for six months of rent. Now with that cash about to run out, Sex Offender Camp 2.0 might pop up.

The 92 residents who remained in the camp when it was shut down in March were housed by Lutheran Services of Florida, which had received a $818,000 contract from the county. Although they still could not live within 2,500 feet of places where children congregate, most offenders found homes in small pockets in the community. But the free rent has already ended for some, and the rest of the men will see it dry up by November.

Some sex offenders have already taken to sleeping in fields or on street corners, and the fear is that without proper housing, many more will find themselves homeless again. [Herald]

  • Three masked men stuck up a CVS at 690 NW 57th Ave. [CBS4]
  • A 60-foot yacht mysteriously sunk yesterday off Haulover Beach. The man aboard escaped in a dinghy, but officials are looking into what caused the sinking. [WSVN]
  • Lobster miniseason begins at the stroke of midnight. Last year, four people died, so, divers, please be careful. [CBS4]
  • A strange smell caused a medical building in Southwest Dade to be evacuated. It's being investigated and is apparently a lot more serious than a "whoever smelt it, dealt it" situation. [WSVN]
  • A toddler fell from the second-floor stairway of a Miami Beach apartment complex and was rushed to the hospital. [WSVN
  • A car chase that began after a burglary in Hollywood ended in a crash on I-95 near Miami Gardens. [JustNews]

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