What's Kendrick Meek Up to Now? Just Making Weird Twitter Updates

We haven't heard much out of Kendrick Meek since he came in third place in the senate race behind Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist. With the congressional seat he could have held for the rest of his life now held by the collection of hats known as Frederica Wilson, Meek hasn't made any formal announcement about his future. Well, he resurfaced on Twitter last night for the first time since thanking supporters after the loss and issued a bizarre series of tweets.

Meek's Twitter presence was nothing but professional and emoticon-free during the campaign, so this was a bit of a surprise.

It doesn't seem like the work of a hacker. Maybe Meek just suddenly remembered he had a Twitter, was out of the town and in a certain mood and had something of a Twitter breakdown. Who knows? Probably about as many people who know what "(y) =D" and "Boom" are supposed to indicate.

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