Weekly News Wrap - Crist, Fidel, Entertainment Scabs and more

1. New Orleans City Council Votes to Demolish Housing, Protesters Riot – The City Council voted unanimously to raze the city’s largest public housing project. Protesters fought with police. Those outside the city council chambers fought to get in, the one’s inside argued for their homes.

2. Governor Crist Unveils New Drug Discount Plan – Governor Charlie Crist revealed a new program that will allow Florida residents over 60 to get a discount on prescription medication. The savings will vary depending on the drug. A card, The Florida Discount Card, will be given to eligible seniors, and they may be used in pharmacies throughout Florida.

3. Castro Makes Statement, Hints at Ceding Power – Fidel Castro stated that is willing o hand over Cuba to a younger generation. However, Castro was nominated for the National Assembly in Cuba, which indicates that he is not giving up politics.

4. Democrats Can’t Stop Motions Attached to the War Spending Bill - The Democrats power in Congress is limited due to their small majority over the Republicans. They didn’t have the numbers to pass two motions that would change how and when troops are deployed in Iraq. Commentary by Slate.

5. Alonzo Mourning Suffers Injury, Career Could be Over – Alonzo Mourning suffered a knee injury on Wednesday during the game against the Atlanta Hawks. After surgery on Thursday, doctors said that the injury was worse than it first appeared to be. Mourning’s career could be over due to the injury.

6. Leno, O’Brien Return In Spite of Strike – The Tonight Show, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien will return without their writers in January. This may create strife with the Writer’s Guild, who has urged the two late night stars not to go on air.

7. Dolphins Win One – The Dolphins beat the Baltimore Ravens 22-16. The win prevented what would have been a historic, albeit shameful, 0-16 season for the Miami team.

8. Joe Cool Suspect Confesses to Inmate – According to court documents, an unidentified federal prisoner said that Guilllermo Zarabozo, one of the suspects in the case, confessed that he had helped clean the crime scene. Zarabozo also stated that the boaters were shot because they wouldn’t take the boat to Cuba.

9. Japan Politicians Debate Over UFOs – After Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura expressed his belief in UFOs, the debate about their existence has spread between other Japanese politicians. Not all of the politicians believe that this should even be discussed.

10. Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant – Britney’s little sister, who is 16, is pregnant, much to the dismay of parents and the children, who were fans of the Nickelodeon show “Zoey 101.” -- Elvis Ramirez

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