Weekly News Wrap

1. Mortgage Interest Rates Frozen – President Bush reached an agreement with lenders that allows them to freeze the interest rates on mortgages made in the last few years. This will prevent monthly payments for those who are up to date on their mortgages from increasing for the next five years.

2. Report on Steroid Use Implicates Major League Players – A 400 page report by former Senator George J. Mitchell states that 89 MLB players are suspected of steroid and human growth hormone use. Roger Clemens is one of the players named on the list.

3. Mistrial declared on the Liberty City 7 case – Lyglenson Lemorin was declared not guilty of the terrorism charges brought against him. The case against the other six was declared a mistrial after the jury was unable to come to an agreement. The seven are still in custody.

4. Sudanese Detainee in Guantanamo Released – Adel Hamad was arrested by Pakistani forces and handed over to the U.S. troops. His lawyer petitioned for his freedom through YouTube. Martin Sheen, actor and activist, participated in a video vouching for Hamad.

5. Lawyer could lose license over blog post – Sean Conway posted a blog calling Judge Cheryl Aleman an “evil, unfair witch.” The Florida Bar Association is reviewing the case since he may have violated five of the association’s rules.

6. Miami City Commissioner Under Scrutiny – The Miami-Dade State Attorney is investigating Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones activities as city commissioner. The attorney’s office is looking at the several monetary grants given by Spence-Jones’ office.

7. Evel Knievel Dies at 69; Montana Celebrates His Life – The stuntman died of natural causes Nov. 30, but Butte, Montana, his hometown, planned a memorial for him Monday.

8. Huckabee Apologizes to Romney After Comment on Mormon Religion – Huckabee raised a question, he claims was innocent, about Mormons during an interview with the New York Times. He apologized to Romney and promised to bring the issue of Romney’s faith to the foreground.

9. The Right Story, The Wrong Photo – The magazine Nature’s Medicine used a photo from an Ethiopian orphanage and used it to represent kids in Harlem that are being treated for AIDS. Commentary by Slate.

10. Mystery Santa Gives Out Money in Vermont – A man in Rutland, Vermont is handing out money and Christmas cards to perfect strangers. He wants to “open a heart or two.”

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