Weekly News Roundup - Permanent Water Restrictions for South Florida

Water restrictions may be made permanent - Board members of the South Florida Water Management District are contemplating in making the water restrictions imposed during drought periods permanent. With South Florida's booming population, Lake Okeechobee is being pushed to its limits in providing enough water for everyone.

Food prices have soared by the highest rate in 18 years - Being in the midst of an economic recession isn't helping many when it comes to providing essential things like food to their family. In fact, the price of food in South Florida has soared 7.2 percent over what it cost around this time last year, above the national average of 5.9.

Official Urged Fewer Diagnoses of PTSD - With more and more veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan every day, the government seems to not want to hold up its end of the deal of taking care of them. A psychologist in Texas encouraged staff members "to refrain from diagnosing PTSD because so many veterans were seeking government disability payments for the condition."

In the South, a Force to Challenge the G.O.P. - If Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination, race could be the deciding factor for voters, especially in areas like the South. In West Virginia alone, 20 percent of white voters said race mattered in choosing who to vote for.

- Jose D. Duran

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