We get chastisted for running "right-wing propaganda" in our ad space

In September, we criticized the Herald for including in its Sunday edition a copy of the DVD Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West, a film decried by many as anti-Islam propaganda. The Herald was paid to include the DVD, and did so, initially, without explanation.

This week, we caught some flack of our own, for running a print ad for the DVD. A caller left us a disappointed voicemail:

I'm a Miami Beach resident, and I read the New Times every week, and for what it’s worth, felt compelled to give you guys a call today. The New Times is reserving ad space for Watchobsession.org, this anti-Obama, pro-right-wing Israeli propaganda machine. You guys have given a whole page of the New Times -- page 11 -- to this right-wing propaganda a week before the election? You guys ought to be ashamed of yourself. If anyone would care to call me back and explain that -- not that I really need an explanation; it’s self-evident -- the number is *******. That is the most disgraceful thing I’ve seen in your publication since I’ve been living in the U.S., which is 10 years. You guys ought to be ashamed of yourself.

-Steven Lowe (spelling not confirmed)

What do you think? Did we screw the pooch?

-Gus Garcia-Roberts


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