Watch the Premiere Episode of LeBron James' Cartoon Show

It's been a busy few days for LeBron James: he became a

minority owner

of one of the biggest soccer team in the world, his

mom got arrested

, he

lost to the Bucks

last night, and now the premiere episode of

his animated YouTube series


The LeBrons

, has hit the web. Check out the show, and it's possible stand against Miami-Dade's laws concerning pit bulls, for yourself.

The show comes off as something of a kid-friendly version of The Boondocks, and features multiple version of LeBron himself including kid LeBron, business LeBron, athlete LeBron and wise old LeBron. LeBron himself though only voices athlete LeBron.

The premiere episode features a talking pit bull (it's set in Akron, Ohio, where pit bulls are legal, unlike in Miami) confronting a talking lion. Though the show then takes a kind of sneaky ethical stand that no matter how scary pit bulls happen to be they don't deserve to die. Take that, Miami-Dade laws.

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