Dwayne Wade bikes through Miami.
Dwayne Wade bikes through Miami.
Screenshot via Vimeo

Watch Dwyane Wade Roll With Critical Mass

Not only has Miami's Critical Mass bike ride grown to be one of the largest in the country, but it's also just about the only one where you'll occasionally catch an NBA champion pedaling next to you. Dwyane Wade is a frequent rider and has brought wife Gabrielle Union and former teammate LeBron James along with him in the past. Last Friday, Wade popped up once again and brought along a camera to document it.

Wade first popped up at a Critical Mass ride in 2012 and has continued to support the bicycling awareness demonstration since.

Of course, besides supporting bike rights, Wade's participation also has the effect of strengthening his ties to the community, which is quite special in a town where the Major League Baseball team throws a charity function and not a single player actually shows up

Interestingly, this ride comes as rumors surge that Wade and the Heat may have opposing views on his contract and future with the team. Gossip is spreading around the web that Wade might even consider hightailing it to L.A. to spend the end of his career with the Clippers

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