Walgreens Wants to Turn Ocean Drive Hotel Into a Very Fancy Drug Store

Walgreens is known for their architecturally interesting stores that dot Miami Beach, but inside those stores look, well, pretty much like a regular Walgreens. For their latest planned expansion on the island, the drugstore chain is hoping to move into an historically protected structure, the Bon Air Hotel at 1060 Ocean Dr., and from the looks of it the inside will be one fancy drug store.

Owner by Jordace Enterprises (owned by the same family that also recently bought the nearby Versace Mansion) is planning on leasing out the space to the chain. According to Ex Miami, a decision by the Historic Preservation Board was deferred last month and will be decided on next month. Zoning exceptions would also have to be made as currently the property is only zoned for 1,350 square feet, but the proposed Walgreens would take up nearly 6,000 square feet of space.

The lobby, mezzanine, and basement of the hotel would be converted. From the looks of it, Demandt Architecture looks to retain several features reminiscent of a classic Miami Beach hotel lobby rather than refit it with the fluorescent lights, cheap tile, and metal shelving of a regular Walgreens.

The hotel dates back to 1934, and known more recently as The Adrian. Jordache bought the property for $18.3 million back in 2012.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.