Videos: Heat Fans Celebrate Everywhere from the Metrorail to La Carreta

The non-stop criticism of LeBron James turned ugly when haters started taking aim not just the Heat but at their fans and Miami itself. They said our city is shallow. They said we didn't cheer hard enough at home games. They said we didn't deserve this team. They said we were bad fans. There were a lot of ugly racial, class and cultural undertones to those accusation (even if they weren't intended). Whatever. Miami definitely loves this team, we definitely know how to party, and wild celebrations broke out all over the city last night. Here's a video selection of some of our favorites.

Here's an impromptu celebration that broke out on the Metrorail:

Here's the scene from outside Cuban restaurant La Carreta on Bird Road, complete with some salsa music:

Here's another view of the celebration on Bird Road:

The scene out in front of AAA as the Heat pulled ahead in the final seconds of the game:

And another vantage:

It's not on YouTube, but even the city's hipsters celebrating inside Bar. Have you own celebration pics and videos? Link them in the comments.

Considering this was just the East Coast Finals, can you even imagine what this city is going to look like if they win the championship?

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Kyle Munzenrieder