Video: Pregnant Woman Drove Minivan Full of Kids Into Ocean in Florida

Dramatic footage of the aftermath of a pregnant woman driving her Honda Odyssey into the sea with her three children inside has surface. Little is known yet about the woman's identity or what lead to her driving into the ocean.

According to WESH, the incident happened yesterday in Daytona Beach. The woman drove the van onto the beach and then made a hard turn into the ocean.

Witnesses jumped into the waters as the minivan rocked back and forth to save the passengers. One of the children was heard screaming that the mother was trying to kill them.

"The two in the back seat was crying, with their arms out saying 'Our mommy's trying to kill us, please help,'" Tim Tesseneer, a man who helped in the rescue, told the station.

He says however that the mother remained silent and had an "awful, blank look" on her face.

Police have not yet released details on what they believe lead up to the incident. Though, the woman has identified as being as a 31-year-old from South Carolina.

The children, ages 3, 9 and 10, were taken to the hospital but all checked out ok.

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