Video: Man Hangs Onto Hood of Car Speeding in I-95 Express Lane
via @danimidah's Twitter

Video: Man Hangs Onto Hood of Car Speeding in I-95 Express Lane

One of the (only) fun parts of driving in the traffic hellscape of South Florida is that you never know what you might see: a woman twerking on the roof of a car, a truck towing a flaming boat, or a man sprawled on his stomach on the hood of a Benz blazing in an express lane.

Daniel Midah was nearing the Ives Dairy Road exit southbound on I-95 around 8 p.m. Sunday when he spotted something strange on an approaching car. Curious, he let the Mercedes C300 pass and saw it was a man hanging onto the hood with one hand and chatting on the phone with the other. The woman behind the wheel was also talking on her phone, acting like nothing unusual was going on.

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"It was literally crazy," says Midah, who is 19. "The guy was looking left and right, a phone in one hand. It didn't look like he was alarmed or fazed by anything. He was chilling, like nothing was weird." 

Like any good smartphone-carrying millennial, Midah, sure that no one would believe what he had seen, grabbed his phone and began recording. Then he called 911. The car was traveling around 75 mph — one wrong turn and the guy, wearing a tank top and shorts, would have gone flying.

"Obviously, like, it was funny," Midah says, "but it was also really dangerous."

The 911 operator "freaked out," he says, and transferred him to someone with Florida Highway Patrol. But the Benz exited at Ives Dairy Road, so Midah doesn't know if anything came of his call.

He posted his video on Twitter with the caption "When she says she’s done with you but you’re not really done with her #onlyinflorida" and was subsequently late to dinner in Brickell.

"We had a pretty good excuse as to why we were late," he says.

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