Video: Hero University of Florida Students Shame Campus NaziEXPAND
WUFT News via Facebook

Video: Hero University of Florida Students Shame Campus Nazi

New Times can neither confirm nor deny that we condone punching Nazis. (Wink.) But we sure as hell condone the way a group of University of Florida students acted earlier today after a neo-Nazi reared his shaved head in Turlington Plaza, one of the main gathering spots on UF's Gainesville campus.

The Nazi, clad in black with a red armband, stood paralyzed as at least 50 counter-protesters shouted, "No more Nazis," "Never again!" and "Fuck off, Nazi scum!" in the guy's face. The confrontation was captured in a live-stream from WUFT News.

The students waved anti-Nazi signs mere inches from his face. At times, the poor #triggered Nazi looked like he was seconds from tears:

The video comes a few hours after images surfaced showing Richard Spencer, the famous pro-Trump White Nationalist Pocket Square, getting punched a second time on Inauguration Day. Spencer, who famously encouraged Nazi idiots in D.C. to chant "Hail Trump!" in 2016, was publicly socked in the face last week for being an unabashed bigot, igniting a wholly unnecessary debate over whether it's cool to punch Nazis in 2016. (We won't tell on you if you do.)

The UF students in question somehow held back on punching the kid today, but if these are the #triggered collegiate #snowflakes right-wingers continue to complain about online, consider us impressed.

In the immortal words of the Dead Kennedys: Nazi punks, fuck right off.

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