Video: Drunken Swedish House Mafia Crowd Fights Miami Beach PD

Along with an alleged gang rape at the Fontainebleau and an intoxicated drowning death at the Clevelander, Ultra Weekend also brought us a scary near riot on South Beach as a drunken crowd surrounded and taunted two cops trying to arrest an unruly couple outside a Swedish House Mafia show. Videos of the arrest -- and the fist-fighting brouhaha that followed -- are popping up all over YouTube now.

The trouble started Saturday night when a Funkshion Fashion Week show headlined by the Swedish House Mafia was oversold by at least a couple thousand tickets, the Herald reports.

When a fire marshal tried to stop more people from entering a tent set up at 9th Street on the beach, the crowd went nuts and tried to storm through the barricades. Eventually, fearing officers were risking their lives, they let the crowd in.

But moments later police chased after a young woman, identified by the Herald as 25-year-old Sara Greenback from Maryland, who had been tossed from the show for being disruptive. That's when things really got scary.

As you can see in the video below, an outraged crowd of nearly a hundred surrounds the two cops after one throws Greenback to the ground. Clad in a purple dress and gold shoes, Greenback flashes peace signs but refuses to be handcuffed.

(Update: Greenback's sister, Laura, called New Times to say that her sister was not on drugs -- contrary to the title of the YouTube video above -- and that her odd reactions to police in the video are because she'd been pepper sprayed in the face. We've asked to speak to Sara as well and will certainly update the post when we hear back.)

The two officers were quickly outnumbered by a crowd shouting, "Dude, that's fucked up!" One partier, Abelardo Antonio Soto of North Miami, started throwing sand. And pretty soon a full-on fist fight broke out and dozens were arrested.

Check out a full sequence of events in the videos below:

Update 2: Police say the officer who body-slammed Greenback was justified.

And we've posted new video that shows the crowd outside the Swedish House Mafia show bum-rushing the gates after being denied entrance.

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