Victoria Jackson Denies Tea Bagger Shtick is Andy Kaufman-like Performance Art

Last time we came across our old friend Victoria Jackson we wondered if her recent embrace of all things Tea Party and claims that President Obama was a communist Anti-Christ was "all some big performance art piece." Well, Wonkette interviewed the Miami-native and asked her if she was doing an "Andy Kaufman thing," and she claims she's not.

"I wish I was clever enough to pull that off," said Jackson. "I actually tried that once. I have this character I invented, and she's brunette, and she's a really bad stand up comic. And I've done it in clubs, trying to do that, um, What's his name again? Andy.... Yeah, Andy Kaufman, trying to do that kind of thing, because I was bored one time trapped in the Miami suburbs raising my family."

Somewhere Andy Kaufman is either smiling from her dedication to his style or rolling in his grave.

Watch the video below.

Kaufman then goes into how she came to her political beliefs by being made to read 1984 at her Miami Christian school, and how communism would come along through sex, drugs and rock and roll and the disintegration of the American family.

Then she declared she would have been a great Nurse Betty.

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