Urban Beach Week Arrest Breakdown: 68% Black Males, 35% Locals, Only 14% Felonies

New arrest numbers are out from Miami Beach during the four-day Memorial Day weekend that now coincides with the loosely organized Urban Beach Week. Despite a beefed-upped police presence, cops made just 373 arrests this year compared to 431 last year.

So who was getting arrested? The vast majority were black males, but it's interesting to note that 35 percent of those arrested were Miami-Dade residents.

Random Pixels has the detailed arrest breakdown.

Of the 373 arrested, 

253 were black males, or roughly 68 percent. Ninety-one were white males. Just 16 black females and 13 white females were cuffed.

Only 54 people were arrested for felonies, or roughly 14.5 percent. Remember that 68 percent of the arrests directly related to the Ultra Music Festival in March were for felonies. Of those felonies, 22 were related to drugs, two related to battery on a police officer, and 23 for other felonies.

Of the 319 misdemeanor arrests, 114 were drug related. Thirteen were for drinking in public, 14 were for DUI, and 24 were for disorderly intoxication. Twenty-eight were for disorderly conduct. Two were for simple battery, and another two for prostitution.

So while lots of people were drinking and doing drugs (not exactly an uncommon thing on Miami Beach), it appeared to be a relatively nonviolent affair this year.

Most of the people arrested hadn't traveled very far; 60 percent lived in Florida.

Twenty-four arrests were of Miami Beach residents. Another 106 were of residents from elsewhere in Miami-Dade, and 93 were of Floridians from outside Miami-Dade. Foreign visitors accounted for two arrests, and out-of-state visitors accounted for 126 arrests.

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