Ultra Music Festival Crime: 71 Arrested, 48 Charged With Felonies

Whether they popped too many pills, knocked back too many Buds, or maybe even found a little "Molly" with Madonna, it was inevitable: A small portion of the blissed-out masses that packed Bayfront for Ultra Music Festival ended their weekend in a paddy wagon. Riptide has tracked down the arrest numbers, and 71 revelers were arrested during this year's Ultra; 48 were charged with felonies, mostly for drug possession.

No one had a worse weekend, though, than Evan Eisler Oberfelder. The 23-year-old Texan was inexplicably nude near Bayfront when a cab ran over and seriously wounded him; when police officers stopped to help, Oberfelder became enraged, declared "I hate the police," and fought them. He ended up Tasered, in the hospital with critical injuries, and charged with multiple felonies.

Here are the arrest stats from the Miami Police Department during the festival's three-day run, via Napier Velazquez, a department spokesman.

Total arrests 71, felony 48 and misdemeanor is 23.

Narcotics 45

Trespassing 9

Disorderly 5

Conducting Buss w/o 5

Obstructing 2

Robbery 2

Battery 1

Misc 2

Adults 66

Juveniles 5

It's worth noting: Considering the sheer number of people packed into downtown for the festival, 71 arrests isn't a massive number.

That one battery case is the only truly bizarre drama. Police initially responded to a call on North Bayshore Drive, a few blocks north of Ultra's main stage, at 5:23 Saturday morning. A caller reported Evan Eisler Oberfelder had been hit by a cab that sped off.

But when a good Samaritan stopped to help, Oberfelder began punching the man and eventually kicked him in the groin. When police arrived, Oberfelder was "nude and bleeding from an apparent head injury," police say, and tried to jump on top of a cruiser.

Police zapped him with multiple Tasers, but the voltage didn't slow Oberfelder. He brawled with the cops and broke one officer's arm before he was finally subdued and taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Oberfelder has been charged with five felonies, including battery on a law enforcement officer. He remained in the hospital as of Monday.

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