U2 Pushes Marlins Out of Stadium, People Who Care About Things That Don't Suck Completely Unfazed

During the last week of June something kind of sucky and boring we don't care about at all will happen in Sun Life Stadium, which tends to happen a lot in the Stadium during baseball season. Except this time it's because U2 is playing, forcing the Marlins to play "home" games in Seattle.

U2 and the Marlins used to be pretty cool some time ago, but now are just horribly depressing, money-grabbing shadows of their former selves. U2's last few albums and the Marlins' last few season: Pretty much the same brand of boring mediocrity.

The only difference is that somehow U2 still manages to have passionate fans, while the Marlins only have that one guy in your office who sometimes wears their logo tie to work.

The Marlins were set to host the Seattle Mariners for three games between June 24 and 26, but U2 is set to play in the stadium on June 29. Apparently, they need all that time to set up their stage show. (They don't want any of those unfortunate Spider-Man musical accidents.) So the Marlins will be playing those "home" games in Seattle -- a town, we're told, where they actually support their sports teams.

All twenty-three fans who were really excited to be attending those games are surely pissed.

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Kyle Munzenrieder