Two Florida Men Passed Around Joint While in the Back of Police Car

Vernon D. Jones, 21, and Jacques Saintil, 19, of East Naples were recently arrested on suspicion of a home burglary, and didn't seem too upset once they found themselves in the back of a police car. The two lit up some marijuana in the cruiser and discussed the robbery while passing the joint around. Unfortunately for them, it was all caught on tape.

Collier County sheriff's deputies got a tip that the two men and a woman were spotted outside the home of a man who was out of town. They pulled over a blue Saturn the woman was driving, and found the two men as well as a computer they suspected was missing form the home in the question.

The woman said she was merely driving, while Saintil said he was just a passenger and had no idea what was going on. Jones refused to talk to deputies. 

The details of what happened next aren't entirely clear, but The Naples Daily News reports that while Saintil and Jones were being carted off to jail they lit up a joint in the back of the cop car and discussed the robbery. The incident was caught on the car's camera. 

Both now face charges of burglary, grand theft and marijuana possession. 

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