Two Americas, Continued

In my restaurant review this week (Two Americas), I wrote that “While a ‘food revolution’ has indeed taken place, only middle-class and wealthy people can afford to purchase the real quality goods (To wit: Last week I swooned at the check-out line upon realizing I’d just paid eight dollars for an organic squash).” On the same day, Lee Dye wrote a column for the ABC News web site entitled, “Who Can Afford to Eat Right?” Mr. Dye cites researchers at the University of Washington, who conducted a study focused on the cost of eating foods like fresh vegetables, whole grains, fish, lean meats -- “the stuff we're told we have to eat if we are going to shed a few pounds and remain healthy.” But the researchers found that “the good, healthy foods had soared in price over a two-year period, jumping by nearly 20 percent compared to a five percent increase in the overall food price inflation. And during that same period, high-calorie foods had remained about the same price, and in some cases had actually dropped.” One of those conducting the study, Adam Drewnowsky, concluded that “Eating well is really becoming unaffordable for many, even in the middle class." For the full, quite fascinating story click here. -- Lee Klein

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