True Miami Rappers Like Trick Daddy Always Keep It Real

Trick Daddy blew up the internet last week with his appearance on the nationally syndicated morning radio show The Breakfast Club. People were hitting me up to talk about it. "He's so outspoken, just like you, Luke," one said.

Well, yeah. I did discover him.

In fact, all of my Miami artists, from the Poison Clan to Pitbull, are going to give it to you bloody and raw. We're like the hip-hop version of Donald Trump. There's no filter. The DJ Khaleds of the world, who moved to Miami from somewhere else, are going to give a politically correct answer.

But the real made-in-Dade rappers don't care about the industry cliques controlled by guys like Andre Harrell, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, Russell Simmons, and Jimmy Iovine. So I wasn't surprised to hear Trick Daddy going off on a variety of topics on live radio.

For instance, he gave insights into his daily herbal regimen: "I don't smoke loud. I smoke the ganja — the brown Jamaica and Bahama weed. I smoke the quiet — the krippy, the kush, the purp, and all that stuff. There is something in there."

He also explained how he had to reassess his liquid intake. "I'm an avid drinker," Trick said. "I used to drink Hennessy, but my doctor say Hennessy has more sugar. I drink every day, but I drink Patrón or Cîroc. And I use the best drugs that money can buy from my homies from the hood, from the trap. I smoke laced; I smoke dirty."

When the topic of accused rapist Bill Cosby came up, Trick didn't mince words: "I know Bill was a creep anyway... I knew something wasn't right about him."

And when they asked Trick Daddy his thoughts on Birdman, the CEO of Cash Money Records who is another rap interloper in Miami, the 305 mayor didn't hold back: "He want to be a Crip one day, a Blood the next day. He want to hang out with fake Haitians, saying he is with the killers... You ever saw a Cash Money office? You ever saw a picture? There ain't one."

Trick's shocking commentary is sure to offend many, but that's how we roll in the 305. We keep it nasty.

Follow Luke on Twitter: @unclelukereal1.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.