Tropical Storm Bonnie Projected to Be Pain in the Ass for Rest of the Day

The effects of Tropical Storm Bonnie are ripping through Miami, and while we here at New Times are no meteorological experts, we're projecting that the storm will be a "major pain in the ass" until this afternoon and then will be downgradeded to "mild annoyance" the rest of the weekend. 

The National Weather Service has issued a significant weather advisory for Miami-Dade, and warns winds could reach up to 55 mph, which could spawn funnel clouds. Residents in the southern part of the county are already using sandbags to prepare for potential flooding. FPL now reports about 3,000 people in Miami-Dade are without power. 

But no evacuations have been announced, and most businesses and services remain open for business as usual. 

According to the Miami Herald, only about two to three inches of rain are expected in most areas, with some areas getting five. 

The good news is the worst of it should be over by the afternoon, meaning TS Bonnie will hopefully just be a temporary pain in the ass. 

Though we can report the awning outside this blogger's house has already fallen victim to the winds, and his car has been pelted by a flying trash can lid, so do take precautions. 

Winds should die down for the rest of the weekend, but showers and thunderstorms are projected. 

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