Trina Wants You To Know She Might Adopt a Haitian Child

Let's get it straight. We love, love, love Trina like any good Miamian should, but we raised an eyebrow when she released a statement recently declaring that she may or may not be adopting a Haitian child.

Note Da Baddest Bitch doesn't state she will be adopting but merely says, "I am in the financial position to adopt; therefore I am taking it into deep consideration at this time."

She opens the statement by saying that donating money and resources and all that is great, "however I would like to contribute on a higher level for more personal reasons."

We don't doubt that the Diamond Princess's heart is in the right place, but there's that slight tinge of "hey, how do I get my name in the headlines related to this tragedy?" opportunist undertone.

If she does or sincerely tries to adopt a child, good on her. If she doesn't, it's going to reek of a publicity stunt. We're just looking out for Miami's number one (our apologies to Jacki-O) female rapper.

And really, we don't want any negatives hanging over the release of her upcoming album Amazin', which reportedly features Lady Gaga herself on a track.


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