​So many rappers in the last year have spit some Obama-inspired verses about presidential politics, but it takes a truly politically involved wordsmith to keep a lyrical eye on state politics. But we all know that Trick Daddy is the real Mayor of Miami, so of course he's keeping tabs on Tallahassee. "Tears of a Grown Man," The closing song his new album Finally Famous: Born a Thur, Still a Thug, he directs a message to both former Governor Jeb Bush and current Gov. Charlie Crist:

Trick Daddy Lobbies Charlie Crist for Hood Support

Governor Bush Held the Kids back / Cuz of the FCAT / So Mr. Charlie Crist / How You Gonna Handle This? / Hope this ain't one of them old promises, promises / But I'll just pray / and hopefully we'll see a better day / We sure could use your support / On every corner, in every hood, on every front porch and every court / My holiday would be the day you give jobs away / To ex-cons who really try to move on / And free those who already roll / and kept a G cold for way too long

Trick love da kids, but apparently he's no fan of No Child Left Behind. As for Crist, maybe Trick didn't get the message that he's hightailing it out of the Gov's mansion as fast as he can for the Senate job. Maybe he'd be better off by trying to lobby Alex Sink of Bill McCollum. We hear that they're both eagerly hoping to get that T-double-D endorsement. By the way, you can hear the full song after the jump. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.